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Investigations and Consultancy Ltd.

When you need help on traffic charges or after an accident Paul Bass, is a crash investigator who can provide independent expert opinion and comments on your case. If you are facing criminal charges and need an independent criminal defence investigator, Paul can work with your legal team to conduct lines of enquiry or help with the case presentation.

Paul Bass Investigations & Consultancy Ltd is a licenced private investigation company specialising in Motor Vehicle Accident Reconstruction and Criminal Defence Investigations.

Our reconstruction services include using the Bosch Diagnostics Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) system to recover Event Data from Airbag Modules, as well as determining the causative and contributing factors involved in a motor vehicle accident. Paul Bass Investigations & Consultancy Ltd services also includes Intelligence Analysis of complex Issues for legal & corporate clients.

About Paul Bass

Paul Bass 27+ years of investigative experience. I have worked on a number of high profile criminal cases in providing my investigative services to some of the country's leading lawyers. I have given expert witness testimony in the High & District Courts in respect to motor vehicle accident & reconstruction , as well as in drug related matters (cannabis). I have internationally recognized training & qualifications in the feild of Motor vehicle accident investigation & reconstruction. For a full summary of my qualifications please see "Services & Training"..

Paul Bass


Summary of Investigative Services provided to all sectors of the community
• Motor Vehicle Accident Investigation and Reconstruction
• Crash Data Retrieval Services from Airbag Modules
• Criminal Defence Investigation
• Case/File Analysis
• Consultancy Services

Some of the roles we can provide include: Crash Analyst, Traffic Accident Investigator, Criminal Defence Investigator, Private Investigator (PI) and Licenced Investigator.

To view a PDF summarising experience, training and qualifications, please click here.

Reference Library

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Characteristics of Principal Tyre Marks - PDF 610kb
Source: The Scientific Investigation of Motor Vehicle Collisions - Bill Keramidas. The Investigator, Issue 2, April-June 2000 )

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A sample of New Zealand Barristers I have received instruction/work from:

Dr Donald Stevens QC - Tel: 04 473 1853
Bruce Squire QC - Tel: 044731833
Chris Stevenson - Tel: 044992600, Email:
Peter Brosnahan - Tel: 06 348 8004
Roger Crowley - Tel: 06 345 3844, Email
Debbie Goodlet - Tel: 06 3488311, Email
Mark Bullock - Tel: 06 3458049, Email:
Philip Watson, Watson Legal, Blenheim - Tel: 03 5782600, Email:
Mike Hardy-Jones, Blenheim - Tel: 03 578 5339, Email:
Rob Harrison
, Inangahua Chambers Blenheim - Tel: 03 5796469, Email:
Tony Bamford, Nelson - Tel: 03 5484847, Email:
Gary Barkle, Nelson - Tel: 03 5456622, Email:
Peter Coles, Broadway Legal Palmerston North - Tel: 06 3551174, Email:

Previous clients have included:
John Rowan QC
Mike Behrens QC
Greg King
Michael Turner
Sandy Baigent
Lance Pratley


Driver Training

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Please feel free to ask any questions or request more information. All enquiries are treated in the strictest confidence. Our services are available throughout New Zealand.

Wellington & Central North Island Contact Details:
PO Box 7168, Wanganui, New Zealand,
Tel: +64 21 663 236, Fax: 06 3489592

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